Xiaomi AloT AX3600 wifi 6 maršrutizatorius

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Naujasis Xiaomi AloT AX3600 wifi 6 maršrutizatorius. Puikus kainos ir kokybės santykis.

Wi-Fi 6 router, a new leap in the Internet experience

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) is a new generation of Wi-Fi standard. Compared with the previous generation Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) in terms of transmission rate, signal coverage and data delay . Especially in the case where multiple terminal devices are connected at the same time, the Wi-Fi 6 router can significantly reduce and reduce the delay and stall of the terminal device.

Qualcomm 6-core enterprise-grade professional chipset

Enterprise-level professional chip IPQ8071A equipped with Qualcomm 4-core 64-bit A53 CPU + 2 core network acceleration engine, its DMIPS capability is far stronger than other router vendors ' chip solutions with the same rate specifications, with stronger processing power and more stable operation.

Dual-band concurrent wireless theoretical rate up to 2976Mbps

The Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 provides two frequency bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Both bands support 802.11ax technology and do not interfere with each other. The dual-band concurrent wireless rate is up to 2976Mbps *. 2.4GHz band transmission further, better coverage and better performance through the wall; less 5GHz band interference, high rate, see definition video, playing games large body experience smoother.

6 high-performance external signal amplifiers

The 2.4GHz band and the 5GHz band are equipped with two and four external high-performance signal amplifiers (PA + LNA), respectively. PA (power amplifier) ​​effectively enhances the signal transmission power, making the signal transmitted by the router farther and stronger through the wall. LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) signal reception sensitivity can be improved, so that the router can be connected to receive a further, more weak signals.

512MB large memory, support up to 248 devices

The flagship router is a complex environment that needs to support multiple people to open hacks, family gatherings, and partying with many people and equipment. Equipped with 512MB of large memory, the AX3600 supports up to 248 devices connected at the same time, making it easy to cope with various places.

Smart AIoT antenna makes it easier for smart devices to enter the network

Equipped with an independent AIoT smart antenna, open the Mijia App to automatically discover uninitialized Xiaomi smart devices *, easily access the network with one click, and start a smart life. That makes away from home, the home of the parents of millet smart purchase new equipment, you can also help parents to quickly complete the configuration.

OFDMA technology

OFDMA technology is one of the more obvious differences between AX3600 and traditional routers. It allows AX3600 to send data to multiple terminal devices with only one transmission (up to 8 terminal devices *), while traditional routers need to take turns multiple times. Transmission can complete the data transmission of multiple terminal devices. Such that multiple OFDMA provided apparatus while operating the transmission efficiency significantly increased, decreased delay.

MU-MIMO technology *, smoother multi-user Internet access

MU-MIMO technology allows multiple antennas of the router to serve multiple devices at the same time, so that each device is treated with high priority. It does not slow down the experience of other devices because of a low-speed device, making the Internet more convenient. Smooth.

BSS Coloring technology makes full use of network resources

The popularity of routers is causing more and more Wi-Fi interference in our homes. The BSS Coloring technology allows routers to "color" their respective Wi-Fi and through reasonable algorithm optimization, reduces interference between different colors of Wi-Fi, which improves the overall communication efficiency and makes full use of network resources.

WPA3 more secure encryption protocol

WPA3 is the next generation of Wi-Fi security standard, the introduction of more sophisticated authentication algorithm, encryption and force a management frame, greatly increasing the difficulty to break the network of degree, so that users of information security has been effectively protected.

Support beamforming technology, directional enhanced signal

Beamforming (beamforming) technology, which automatically detects the position of mobile phones, computers and other terminals in the network, where the position of the enhanced signal, so that covering Wi-Fi effectively cover a wider range, more stable signal quality.

Dual frequency in one, one Wi-Fi name, no longer tangled

Millet AIoT AX3600 router supports dual-band one, the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands merged into a Wi-Fi name, dual-band terminals according to the current environment, from primary to choose the right band access, which do not have to tangle even Wi-Fi.

Super heat dissipation to ensure stable operation

The fuselage uses a large area aluminum alloy heat sink and high thermal conductivity thermal adhesive. There are cooling holes on the top,bottom and sides of the fuselage for heat dissipation. At the same time , a metal part is arranged on the triangular top surface to accelerate the heat transfer from the inside to the outside of the machine Provide stable cooling support for high-speed operation of the router.

Provide security protection for smart homes and ensure privacy

Combining years of technology accumulated by Xiaomi Smart Home, the Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600 can provide security protection for various mainstream smart home devices on the market, and detect potential vulnerabilities with one click. Prevent smart speakers from being eavesdropped and smart cameras being peeked.

Support IPv6

IPv6 has a larger address space, making everything possible, and improving router forwarding efficiency and security. The Xiaomi AIoT router AX3600 supports IPv6, which facilitates access to educational network resources of well-known universities. With the deployment of IPv6, more and more resources support IPv6 access, and the application scenarios of IPv6 will become wider and wider.

App 5.0 experience new upgrade, more intimate and smarter

Xiaomi WiFi App 5.0 has been upgraded to make it easier to manage the router and its access devices. Integrate various practical functions such as anti-squash network, Wi-Fi optimization, restart plan, etc., to protect the network while maintaining a better working state. There are more useful functions. Open Xiaomi WiFi App and experience it now.

Easily manage your kids' online time and content

You can effectively protect the health of your family and children by surfing the internet and setting the range of URLs that your device can access. Features such as designated device online and offline reminders, daily Internet reports, and more can help you understand children ’s online situation in more detail.

Someone goes online, real-time notification of mobile phone *, one click pull black

When an unfamiliar device goes online, Xiaomi WiFi App can proactively send out a notification reminder to inform the user that a new device is connected. If a high-risk device is connected, you can actively block the device from connecting according to the security level or prompt you to black out with one click.

Cooperate with international authoritative test instrument manufacturers to ensure router stability

By working with Spirent, Ixia and other international authoritative testing equipment manufacturers, large-scale test, simulated home scene, router performance limiting case, to protect the routing device can be stable operation under various conditions.